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COO Shannon Hardt Cordillera Pacific Northwest Real Estate Development

Shannon Grey Hardt

Chief Operations Officer
Extension: 703
Cell: (541) 633-6710
Email: shannon@cordilleraco.com

As Chief Operations Officer for Cordillera, Shannon focuses on growth, business development, and everyday operations across the organization. With almost three decades of real estate experience, Shannon brings expertise in property acquisitions, development site selection, and financial strategies.

Shannon has been recognized and has thrived across all market conditions, gaining years of expertise in 1031 exchanges, bank foreclosures, and residential short sales. Additionally, Shannon holds a license as a real estate broker, is a certified real estate transactional mediator, and has over 20 years in the title insurance industry.

Shannon attended the University of Idaho where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In addition, Shannon has held numerous board appointments and has always been an active steward in the local community.

Shannon’s purpose is loving and spending time with her family and dogs!